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Challenges as an Advisor

As an advisor, you must constantly balance your business development efforts with serving your existing clients. As your business grows, your duty of servicing your clients and their life insurance policies is inevitably going to become more challenging.

Tracking your Policies

The issue becomes: how do you keep track of all your clients between multiple carriers as well as block out time to perform annual reviews for all your clients?

The solution is to track all of your policies in one centralized location.

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The Policy Tracker

With this service our office will manage all of your policies, ensuring that we can provide you with immediate access to your policies sorted by client or carrier upon request. This allows Advisors Resource to:

  • Ensure Policy Performance
  • Provide Status of the Life Insurance Company
  • Review your Clients' Goals
  • Review your Policies' Funding Strategies
  • Provide Policy Alerts
  • Provide Delivery Statements
  • Generate Custom Policy Reporting
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