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Check out our series of Life Insurance Comparisons & Analyses

Below is a list of our past, recorded webinars as well as upcoming webinars. Feel free to browse them at your leisure:


An Alternative to Term Life Insurance

We have an alternative that could be a better solution for your clients who are interested in term for its affordability, accessibility and flexibility.

(Recorded on: 10/26/22)

Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Live Case Study: Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Join us to walk through a live case study over a Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP)

(Recorded on: 9/20/22)

Split Dollar Webinar

Save Taxes Now, Get Tax-Free Income Later

A high-level split dollar strategy, utilizing life insurance, designed specifically for business owners

(Recorded on: 7/26/22)

Business Owner Retirement

Helping Business Owners Maximize their Retirement

A case study to determine life insurance products that are best for helping business owners save for retirement.

(Recorded on: 6/21/22)


IUL with Best-In-Class Index Options

A review of various index options for IUL products currently on the market.

(Recorded on 5/19/22)


The Best GUL on the Market

A Comparison of GUL products currently on the market.

(Recorded on 5/3/22)


Discussing Risk-Control Indexes

An analysis of IUL products utilizing the S&P MARC 5 (er) index.

(Recorded on 8/3/21)

Turn-Key Premium Financing

Turn-Key Premium Financing

An enhanced premium financing strategy that allows your clients to leverage their contributions to generate tax-free income.

(Recorded on 10/18/21)


Below is a list of our case studies. Feel free to browse them at your leisure:


Split Dollar

A split dollar plan allows business owners to accumulate retirement income tax-free, making it an attractive offer for both themselves and their employees.

Insured Family Legacy

Insured Family Legacy

Life Insurance is a powerful tool your clients may utilize when planning a legacy for multiple generations. Your clients may already be familiar with its primary use – providing money to their family or other beneficiaries after death. But the value of life insurance exceeds just that.


Life Insurance Retirement Plan

A Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP) is a strategy that utilizes life insurance (typically an IUL) that is structured to maximize cash value.

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